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Coffee Making Machines

The functional and easy to use Beverage Maker line is the best choice for airlines to brew and serve customers a tasteful tea and coffee on board in a very short time. Thanks to the new concept of water spurting system, the regular coffee is a very pleasant experience. Customers can enjoy their preferred hot drinks on board with the Americana, Mercury Award in 2000, or with any of the other beverage makers models, part of the extensive Iacobucci HF Group range.

Iacobucci HF Group has developed unique line of espresso makers with a particular care on convenience, reliability and easy use. All the Iacobucci HF machines utilize the patented heat exchanger technology instead of traditional water boilers. This innovative technology provides a non-stop brewing cycle allowing a consecutive use, without waiting for the water reheating cycle. A complete line of products to satisfy the most demanding customers. For more information, please feel free to contact us or visit their website

Trash Compactors

The Iacobucci HF Group trash compactors are best in class in the aviation industry. An innovative product with extremely reliable components, combining two tonnes of compacting force with low-level power consumption. The trash compactors were projected with the option to use recyclable carton boxes. Designed achieving the highest standards in terms of functionality and ergonomics, in 2006 the trash compactor HFWF2003-01 won two Italian awards – the Innovative award and the Award for Excellence. The development of this green product line shows the attention of the company to all the environment issues. A continuous research in order to provide its customers with customizable high quality products developed to improve operations on board aircraft in respect of the highest safety standards. For more information contact

Water Heaters

The Iacobucci HF Group Water Heaters are developed with ease of use and reliability in mind. The usage of innovative heat exchanger system instead of traditional boilers allows instant water heating without any waste of time between one cycle and another. Their units are the result of thirty years of experience joined with continuous innovation in the aeronautical industry. For more information, please contact us or visit their website


“Ovens and cooking devices are an essential part of the service on board of aircraft. The Multi Functional Unit, the only induction oven in the industry, increases the variety of individual services up to “Meal on Demand”.

A quick response to the most demanding needs in order to satisfy all customer requests. The Multi Functional Unit is easy to handle. No electrical connector is required – it’s simply plug & play. The induction plate provides an answer to all airlines when it comes to heat or cook fresh food in restaurant style.

For your requirement of ovens, oven bags, films and wraps, oven cages and racks, please feel free to contact us or visit their website