In Flight Services
Galley Equipments & Inserts
Meal Carts & Trolleys

The Meal Carts & Trolleys are well known among commercial planes for their high quality and reliability. Tailored to individual requirements of the commercial airlines, they represent a core product for the company. In order to completely fulfill the variety of customer’s needs, the meal carts & trolley product line is conceived as a mix of technology, innovation and design, although they hold to the traditional procedures that made them the best available meal carts & trolleys for commercial aviation worldwide in the last 30 years. They are available in Full Size Trolley, Half Size Trolley and Standard Unit. For more information and product details, please feel free to contact us.

Oven Cages & Racks

Using high grade aluminum alloy, our Oven Racks and Trays are amongst the strongest in the industry. The Oven Trays can be manufactured with a special anti-slip feature that ensures that they do not slide out when the racks are tilted, preventing accidents and injuries.

The Racks are designed to withstand 500 lbs/226kg load without deflection. Company logos can also be embossed. For further product details, please feel free to contact us.