Ground Support Equipment
Airport Management & Information Systems

Alpha-Cim provides automation, control and monitoring systems for airports, ASMGCS, airfield lighting products and maintenance systems, baggage handling, integrated control tower and airfield lighting dry ice cleaning.

The main company offering is the ASMGCS. A-SMGCS (Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System) is a system providing routing, guidance and surveillance for the control of aircraft and vehicles in order to maintain the declared surface movement rate under all weather conditions within the aerodrome visibility operational level (AVOL) while maintaining the required level of safety. A-SMGCS is a modular system consisting of different functionalities to support the safe, orderly and expeditious movement of aircraft and vehicles on aerodromes under all circumstances with respect to traffic density and complexity of aerodrome layout, taking into account the demanded capacity under various visibility conditions. The philosophy behind surface movement technology is to ensure maximum security and efficiency for each aircraft, airport service vehicle and any other motorized equipment circulating on the taxiways, integrating the lighting information and aircraft/vehicle localization and enabling the coordination of ground movements. For additional information please feel free to contact us or visit the company website