Ground Support Equipment
Mobile Air Traffic Control Towers

We represent BAN 2000 GmbH, a DIN EN ISO 9001:2008-certified company, a company with worldwide operations that focuses on planning, delivering, setting up and servicing air traffic control equipment, air traffic control buildings, including the corresponding equipment and CNS (Communications, Navigation and Surveillance) service. BAN 2000 offers Deployable & Mobile Tower Solution featuring Compact System design, integration of all necessary TWR systems, Sharing of hardware between different applications, Combined Management system, Shared network infrastructure, Highly-integrated CWC, Combined displays, Compact Hardware footprint, Compact rack design, Integrated package, User-friendly consoles, MET sensors, Radios and Lighting control. Ban 2000 tower Integration products cover the needs of today’s controllers and bring world-class usability to existing infrastructure. The Modular platform is not only designed for standardized products, it also allows integration with existing systems in the tower (e.g. Surveillance systems) and interfaces with all legacy airport infrastructure (e.g.sensors, lighting). For any additional information, please contact us or visit their website