Ground Support Equipment
Photometric Light Measurement System

We represent M/s FB Technology, a subsidiary of Alpha Cim, France who has developed a Photometric Airfield Calibration PAC, a mobile system for measuring all inset and elevated lights on runways and inset fittings of approaches and taxiways in compliance with the ICAO Annex 14 standards and recommendations as also airfield lighting dry ice cleaning machine .The PAC system is certified by the Technical Services of French Civil Aviation. Immediately after measurements, the test report provides the candela value of each light, and help operators to identify any defect on the fitting requiring action to be taken. It is also possible to monitor the fittings performances from previous runs in order to plan future maintenance operations on runways and taxiways. PAC can be installed easily on any type of vehicle. FB Technology has also developed a PAC LabĀ® system used by the maintenance team in their workshop to validate the maintenance operations carried out on all the airfield lighting fittings (approaches, runways and taxiways). The PAC Lab is essential test equipment for all the Quality Process oriented maintenance teams. For any technical or product information, please free to contact us or visit their website at