Ground Support Equipment
Runway Rubber Removing / Marking/ Friction testing Machine

Airfield Rubber Removal, is the use of high pressure water, abrasives, chemicals and/or other mechanical means to remove the rubber that builds up on airport landing strips. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) specifies friction levels for safe operation of planes and measures friction coefficients for the evaluation of appropriate friction levels. Individual airports incorporate rubber removal into their maintenance schedules based on the number of take offs and landings that each airport experiences. Airport runways are prone to have a residue of rubber deposits in their landing zone and in the end breaking zones affecting the level of friction of the runway, most noticeable as a reduction in braking and ground handling performance. This can lead to incidents such as runway overrun or a lateral sliding off the runway. Rubber Removal, Paint Marker Removal as well as Marking Machines incorporating a friction tester are a thing of the present and in use by major airports all over the world. In case any airport operator is interested to buy / lease such machines, we shall be glad to offer our principals services at a suitable competitive price. For further information, please contact us.