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Passenger Baggage Trolleys

We represent M/s CADDIE, France who is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Baggage Trolleys in many fields such as the retail, airport, hotels as well as in hospitals and institutions. The Caddie brand name, registered in 75 countries, is well known worldwide. Whether travelling abroad for fun or on business, you will most probably use a Caddie luggage cart in a good many of the world's most prestigious airports. Their carts meet the rigorous requirements of today's airport industry. Stable and highly maneuverable, they are adapted to carry all types of luggage. We also offer a cart fleet management system based on the RFID remote control technology. The queue control range of products perfectly complements our uprights as well as information panels. Carts are available with three or four castors, with or without brakes, aluminum or SS steel etc. For any additional product information, please feel free contact us or visit their website at