Ground Support Equipment
Bird Guard System

Birds are intelligent and resourceful opportunists that have exploited man-made structures since the dawn of civilization. Although they are sometimes considered less of a problem than other pests, the threats posed by birds can be as serious as those from any other type of vermin. When it comes to airports, it becomes doubly important that birds are deterred from roosting in significant numbers: as well as the usual risks presented by bird infestation- the threat that bird strikes poses to planes during taking off and landing, is a significant one. Although it is extremely rare for a plane to be seriously damaged by flocks of birds, it is nevertheless estimated that bird strike costs the global aviation industry heavily each year due to minor damage, aborted take-offs and aircraft down-time. So as to create a bird exclusion zone various methods have been followed including trap shooting, using spikes, mesh wires, shock treatment and more humane methods like electronic bird control. This new technology utilizes the innate power of the natural survival instincts of birds to effectively repel them from crops, orchards, barns, feedlots, airports, boats, marinas, homes and buildings.  Digital recordings of distressed and alarmed birds, along with the sounds made by their natural predators are broadcast through high fidelity weather-resistant speakers.  This triggers a primal fear and flee response. Pest birds soon relocate to where they can feed without feeling threatened. We represent M/s Scarecrow Bio-Accoustic Systems ltd, UK who have been producing bird dispersal systems of the highest technical standard for airfields and surrounding areas since 1985. To know more, please contact us or feel free to visit