Assault Ladders And Apparatus

Conventional methods of entry and rescue are still the main tactics used by specialized forces. However, many units and some of the most specialized units have realized that a more tactical approach for entry and rescue operations offering greatest opportunity for mission success needs to be addressed.

The Elevated Tactics is an effort to broaden their capabilities requiring actions that use elevated entry devices that include a ladder, rope, roof of a vehicle or an elevated mobile adjustable ladder like the MARS system offering operators multiple and often not considered points of entry into a building or aircraft. The MARS system, offers a higher level of operator safety through faster approach and deployment of a large force at the target zone. It is the most advanced elevated tactics systems in the world with a US patented dual –independent operating ramp design allowing for access and rescue capabilities unmatched to other systems. It is designed to fit a host of vehicles and is the only system offered by several vehicle manufacturers as a factory variant. Its modular design reduces upgrade and repair costs allowing for faster replacement of damaged parts.

A single ramp ETS system called the Liberator is also available lighter weight for mounting on lighter vehicles but having the same design specs and capabilities as of the MARS system. For more information please feel free to contact us or visit their website