Portable Ballistic Bunker or Special Operations Bunker

Portable Bunkers provide individual first responders the ability to make a difference in the early stages of critical response incidents. If staged in schools, airports, malls etc. these tools could provide a much needed gap to be filled for first responders regardless of the level of their training or equipment they have at the time. The bunkers have already been tested and proven as a valuable asset (saving lives) in the SWAT community for hostage negotiation, barricaded subjects, and crisis response. The majority of critical response incidents occur prior to a SWAT response. This would furthermore make this tool invaluable for those first responders prior SWAT response thus saving more lives. For more information please feel free to contact us or visit their website

  • The N.I.J. Level IV vision panel permits safe observation.

  • The free-standing bunker relieves personnel of shield weight and does not occupy their hands.

  • Damaged or compromised panels can be replaced individually.

  • Panels can be upgraded as ballistic technology improves.