Explosive / Narcotics Detection Kits

With the broadest range of narcotics and explosives trace detectors available, Scintrex Trace’s pioneering trace technologies are preferred by security professionals. These highly sensitive and specific trace detectors are designed to keep false alarm rates low while rapidly finding microscopic particle and vapor traces of illicit substances. A global leader in explosives, chemical and narcotics detection, Scintrex Trace is Autoclear’s Canadian-based trace detection division. Their trace technologies include :

  • Gas chromatography-ion mobility spectrometry

  • Ion mobility spectrometry

  • Chemiluminescence

  • Gas chromatography-chemiluminescence

  • Gas chromatography-surface ionization detection

  • Thermo redox

Including their highly advanced and regarded hand held scanner E3500.For more information, please feel free to contact us or visit their website