Bullet Proof Cars

We represent M/s Carat Security Group including world renowned brands like Carat Duchatelet - Carat Duchatelet is a world leader in head of state and exclusive VIP armored limousines, buses and SUVs including solutions based on Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maybach and Mercedes Benz while Centigon features world class, independently certified sedans, SUVs and cash in transit vehicles designed for superior ballistic and blast protection both on and off road. Owning an armored vehicle is no longer simply a symbol of status. With crime, whether petty or organized, and terrorism on the rise worldwide, it is becoming a standard practice in many parts of the world.

Whether you are looking for personal protection against simple street crime or an advanced defensive suite to counter sophisticated attacks, Carat Security vehicles can provide a tailored solution to meet your needs. Leveraging extensive relationships with the top automobile manufacturers around the world and our world-class ballistics research & development capabilities, the Carat team provides a fully integrated, seamless and aesthetically pleasing solution. Ballistic- steel and glass and underbody IED bomb proofing was adhered to up to level 6 as per customer requirements meeting CEN 1063, NATO STANAG and National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards. For more information and to study the product portfolio, please contact us or visit