Remotely Operated Vehicles(Rov)

India MOD and especially Indian Navy/Coast Guard/ Port Authorities/ Offshore Oil rigs etc are looking for Remote Operated Underwater Vehicles (VIDEORAYS) to cater to their needs. The need to have a ROV is manifold as time is an essence and human resource is of utmost importance to all and so the lives of the sailors and officers is of paramount importance to assess the damage and depth and to give a clear visible information to the salvage crews above to respond suitably to any emergencies. ROVs also replace (or augment) the use of divers for underwater inspection tasks in hazardous environments such as minefields. Military, government, and force protection personnel have found ROV’s useful for a variety of underwater inspection tasks such as explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), meteorology, port security, mine countermeasures (MCM), and maritime ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance). 

ROV’s worldwide have reported locating, identifying, and removing drugs, and other contraband from vessel hulls, port and harbor structures and bottoms. ROVs have played a large role in the port security arena a vital tool to enhance the safety factor for dive teams performing port security missions. ROV’s can be used as the first asset in the water to assess the underwater situation and to lead the divers directly to the area of interest. The use of ROVs instead of divers or assisting divers means that the mission can be accomplished much more quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. For your requirement on ROV’s, please feel free to contact us.