Underwater Security Systems

Enemy surprise is not an option when it comes to maintaining Homeland Security. The safety of our port facilities, nuclear power plants, commercial carriers and other vessels and facilities critical to our economy are prime targets for our enemies. Diver Interdiction Systems (DIS) are defence systems designed to neutralize terrorist divers and thereby providing marine and underwater protection. The DIS acts against the threat of an underwater terrorist by delivering non-lethal acoustic low frequency energy into the environment which causes the diver to come to the surface for effective prosecution.  DIS systems may be fixed, portable and mobile systems. Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) availability of the DIS enables a total broadband, shallow water diver deterrent system of unparalleled cost effectiveness.  Both the portable and fixed DIS’s are completely customizable by adjusting standard components affecting the acoustic signature of the system to assure their effectiveness in your theater of operation. For any further information or product details, please feel free to contact us.