Salvage & Recovery

We represent SUBSALVE USA, industry leader in innovation located in Rhode Island since its founding in 1977; SUBSALVE USA Corporation is a recognized innovator in the design and manufacture of engineered inflatable’s. They hold patents for the Quad Bag, our specialty underwater lift bag, and for the VRS 2000 underwater vehicle recovery system. SUBSALVE USA has been relied upon by the diving industry worldwide since its inception, as the manufacturer of high quality products for recreational, commercial, scientific and military applications. Our standard underwater lift bags offer lift capacity ranging from 25 lbs. to 77,000 lbs. in versions with totally enclosed or open bottom designs.

Custom products are available for specialized applications. Satisfied customers include the U.S. Government as well as 30 foreign governments, with contracts including aircraft lift bags, inflatable oil booms, underwater weapons containers, torpedo flotation systems, submarine transducer flotation systems and booster recovery systems for NASA. Subsalve’s range of salvage pontoons, commercial and professional lift bags, quad bags, underwater vehicle recovery system, ORCA ordinance disposal system, VRS 4000 helo liftbags, etc and their record of offering custom made solutions for recovery and salvage of vessels and submersibles worldwide truly makes them a market leader in their class. For more information, you can contact us or visit their website