Run Flat

A run-flat tire is a pneumatic vehicle tire that is designed to resist the effects of deflation when punctured or struck by a bullet or shrapnel, and to enable the vehicle to continue to be driven at reduced speeds (up to 55 mph (90 km/h)), and for limited distances of up to 160 km or even 320 km, depending on the type of tire. Current system revolves around an additional support ring attached to the wheel well that can support the weight of the vehicle in the event of a loss of pressure. While these systems generally offer better ride quality because their sidewall's stiffness can be equivalent to a standard tire, the requirement to have special wheels and support rings increases cost and limits these systems from widespread use.

When a tyre deflates, loss in air pressure allows the wheel to move about free and the tyre's beads can slip over and into the 'well' of the wheel allowing the tyre to flail, or dangerously flap about. Steering control is lost and the flapping tyre can cause serious damage to the vehicle: damaging brake pipes, suspension and bodywork. A support ring like a multiband simply attached over the wheels well after the tyre has been fitted supports a deflated tyre, preventing it from slipping into the well and providing increased stability and therefore steering, braking and cornering control. This system is currently widely in use by law enforcement and military forces worldwide. For any additional information on technical specifications and product portfolio, please feel free to revert and contact us.